Sunday, August 30, 2009

How To Live A Better Life

Before I decided to write this I was going through a very difficult stretch. All I could think about was how bad my life seemed and not what i could do to try to make it better. I'm sure a lot of people do the same thing as it's called "Living in the moment." I've been married 21 years and my 2 kids are 21 and 20 and still with us. My Wife's Son had to move in with us due to his floundering marriage and a Wife of his that is more interested in herself than her Husband and children. We rent a home in Palm Beach County, Florida that we were just recently served with Foreclosure papers because the owners forgot to pay their mortgage for the last several months(even before we moved in).
Our bills are never paid on time and it's been that way for our entire marriage. My Wife and I are great at putting things off and not so great at getting things done when they need to be. I decided about 5 years ago that I had had enough of the low paying job scene and the jumping from here to there without progressing scene that I had to do something to try and get us ahead of the game.
In the past we've been evicted from homes, lost our cars to repossession and saw both our Cred Reports issued a combined score of 500(610 is considered bad). We always knew we had each other but in this day and age that's simply not enough so something had to be done. The night we got married my Wife saw a Psychic who told her I was going to make it big through computers. I wish she never told me because I proceeded to try over and over to find a way, any way to make a living off a computer.
Now I know this isn't for everyone. Not everyone can do this as you have to be a little bit computer savvy. I have tried on more than one occasion to show someone that didn't know anything about how to operate a computer how i make a living off one. I finally decided it can't be done. I'd have better luck showing someone how to build a Pyramid by themselves.
Now I know there are millions of people out there that have it tough, tougher than we had for sure. And these people hopefully someday will figure it out on there own what it takes to make it in this World, at least that's my hope but most people will continue
to just "float" through life without ever achieving anything. That's a very scary prospect but one that is unfortunately true and it doesn't have to be that way.
That's where I came up with the "How to live a better life" idea. I decided that I was through with the life I was leading and wanted to try giving instead of just trying to take. I wanted to give something to people that they could use in any way they see fit and I wasn't going to charge one cent to do it. If I could put a blueprint on this site that showed exactly how to make a comfortable living
and technically never have to leave your home or work for anyone else ever again that would be my way of giving to everyone all at once.
As I said before, not everyone can do this but if it raises the hope of just a few people I've done my job because it's all here. All you have to do is follow. Friends and relatives have told me I'm crazy for doing this but that's mostly because they don't have the drive to try it. Some people only have to experience failure once in their lives and live the rest of their life being afraid to take chances. Chances my friends are a way of life and if you truly want to succeed that's the only way you will but it all comes down to this one question. Would you trade in everything you love for success?
The answer I hope is no. What good would it be if you did succeed without you family there to see you do it? Try to take all i have to offer on these pages and put them to good use.